Pregnancy and Birth Stories

My Birth Story

My husband and I were married for only a few months when we decided try and conceive a baby. We initially wanted to wait two years, but soon decided to not wait. Based on my estimated due date and my last menstrual cycle, I literally conceived with in the week that I stopped taking birth control. It was meant to be. Before I found out I was pregnant my breast were so sore, my body was just off. So I decided to buy a few pregnancy tests, in what seemed like seconds the test read PREGNANT!! . Oh My Gosh!! I could not believe it, I was super excited. I went to the store and bought a few things to surprise my husband. I wrote a short letter to him, I bought some candy and wrapped the test in wrapping paper. He Cried!!

My pregnancy was pretty easy up until the last few weeks. I was miserable and so ready to meet my baby boy. On the morning of my due date Feb 27th something was different. I remember waking up and going to use the restroom. When I wiped it just felt different, like the fluid was slick or something. I told my husband that the fluid felt slick and weird when I wiped. He was nonchalant about and it said it was probably nothing. I thought to myself “Well If my water broke then contractions were soon to follow”. Unfortunately nothing happened, not a single contraction all day: I did have more fluid leaking but it was just a little bit so I just chalked it up to discharge.

Fast forward to the next day Feb 28th I told my husband that we needed to go to Labor and Delivery to get checked. We arrived and were assigned to a room; a nurse came in and swabbed my lady bits to test for amniotic fluid. Before she finished the test she said “Oh yea your water definitely broke”. She completed the test and confirmed my water has broken. I began to cry, I felt like I neglected my baby by not coming in earlier. At that point I was admitted. I was hooked up to monitors and I had a IV for Group B strep. My son was doing fine and my fluid levels were still great evening though I was slowing leaking amniotic fluid for 24 hours. We were at the hospital for a few hours and still no contractions. I was dilated to a 3 and was fully thinned out. UGH !! Why wasn’t my body doing what it should be doing? I was so scared and so discouraged nothing was going as I had hoped. My doctors decided to break my water to see if that would help. It was uncomfortable, but finally contractions were starting. YESSSS finally something is happening. Another few hours went by and I made no progress, we decided on Pitocin to get the ball rolling.

Pitocin was a BITCH, those contractions were GOD awful. I finally asked for an epidural, luckily the anesthesiologist arrived quickly and I was soon relieved of any pain. For some reason I still was not dilating. At this point my waters had been broken from 8 am on the 27th to 8 pm on the 28th with little to no progress. My son was doing fine during this whole time. My doctor came in and spoke with us about the possibility of a C-section, again I sobbed at the thought of my body failing to naturally give birth. I finally consented and was wheeled away to have a C-section, my husband was by my side the entire time. I remember getting medicine that made my whole body warm and fuzzy. I felt nothing as they began to deliver my baby, the little human that I waited so long to meet. He came out screaming and crying and he was huge. A whole 8 pounds and 7 oz and 20.5 inches long my baby boy was finally hear. I was soon stitched up and wheeled back to my room where I held and breast fed my son for the first time.

Fast forward little over a year later, I hated the way birth control made me feel. So my husband and I were using the pull out method instead successfully for about 6 months. One day he got a little carried away and did not pull out. I knew immediately that I would get pregnant. A few weeks later, YEP! You guessed it: I got my Big Fat Positive pregnancy test result. Wow another baby I was excited, scared, and nervous so emotions ran through me. This pregnancy was different and it was far from easy, I began to suffer from antepartum depression. It sucked because I felt like I couldn’t enjoy my pregnancy, I wanted to be happy. Despite what was going on with me mentally I tried to put on a good face and face what life threw at me. I planned for my pregnancy and labor to go differently than my last. I watched so many documentaries, read so many articles, I tried to remain active, I made a birth plan. This time around I said no to the membrane sweep, I wanted things to happen 100 percent naturally this time.

With my first pregnancy I thought that since I got a membrane sweep on the 26th, I thought that forced my baby to come earlier than he was ready for. I figured that it was why I would not dilate. So with my second pregnancy everything would be different. I found out I was having another little boy; I was so sure I was having a girl. But I was thrilled to be having another happy and healthy baby. I will post our gender reveal at the end of this blog post.

During all of my doctors’ appointments we always spoke about VBACs (vaginal birth after C-section). I was told I would be a good candidate to try for VBACS, I was sold and determine to make it happen. I was so excited to get another chance to have my baby naturally. I could just picture pushing out my baby and him be handed directly to me for skin to skin. I could picture him nursing immediately. I could picture me, his mommy getting to hold him and having the first interactions with him. I just knew it would happen. I planned and hoped for it to go as planned, even though I knew you could not really plan a birth fully. Everything does not always go as planned.

A few weeks before my due date I told my husband what day I thought I’d give birth and he guessed how much he thought our son would weigh. Guess what readers- At 5 am on the 14th – yes the exact day I guessed something happened. I remember feeling wet, I got up went to use the restroom, wiped and got back in bed. I woke up my husband and said ”babe I think my water broke”. In the mist of the sentence I felt a huge gush of fluid and I screamed my water broke. He hopped up and grabbed me a towel to soak up my waters. I was like what do I do next LOL !!. I put on an adult diaper and waited for some contractions to start. Finally things were going as planned, contractions started yesss. I was so happy, I was going to get my VBAC. I got up took a shower and ate some light. We did some last minute stuff at home and packed up my car. We called labor and delivery and let them know we were on our way. During the drive to the hospital the contractions picked up it sucked but I was managing them.

Finally we arrived and I was admitted, this time I refused to be hooked up to monitors the entire time. I needed to move and be fluid. I noticed when I was hooked up to monitors and laying down that my contractions would stop or be minimal. So I alternated wearing monitors, walking, squatting and swaying back and forth. Ever so often my doctor would come in a check on me and my baby. Although I was having contractions, I was not dilating. UGH what the hell is wrong with my body? I cried and was so frustrated with myself. My doctor wanted to start Pitocin at that time but I refused, I wanted to see what my body could do. A few more hours went by and still no change at that time I decided to get the Pitocin and again it was awful. I went through those terrible contractions and decided it get an epidural. Finally some relief: I soon found out that my dream of having a vaginal birth was not on the table. Just like last pregnancy I only dilated to 3 cm, I was so disappointed. I had to realize that I was blessed to be able to become pregnant, carry a pregnancy to term and give birth to a healthy baby. I consented to a C-section. I was happy to be having another baby boy. Within a few minutes of being in the operating room my son was born he cry was just so perfect. My nurses knew how much I wanted to breastfed and hold my baby immediately after his birth. They wiped him off a little and brought my beautiful baby boy to me, while I was still being cleaned and stitched up. She held him to my breast for me and he began to nurse immediately. I cried tears of joy. I was able to hold, see and nurse my baby boy right there on the operating table. It was magically absolutely magically.

Our family Is complete!!

Gender Reveal


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