What is a DUBBIE???

What is a DUBBIE ??

What in the world is a DUBBIE? I asked myself this several times and couldn’t not figure it out for the life of me. My then one year old kept asking me for a dubbie, but I had no clue what he wanted. He began to cry due to frustration, in his mind he knew exactly what he wanted but was unable to make me understand what he desired. What do you do when your child is trying to tell you something and they are having a melt down because you do not understand. YOU REMAIN CALM !!! If you freak out so will your child. This is what I did

1. Remain calm

2. Get down to his level

3. I held his hands and said Cameron it’s okay. I need you to calm down baby

4. While at eye level, I told him it’s okay and “tell Mommy what you want”

5. I asked him to show me what he wanted.

He walked into the kitchen and opened the pantry door. He walked to the shelf and pointed to a fruit pouch. All this time he wanted a fruit pouch. So what the hell is a dubbie? Well it’s a dang fruit pouch. A word he came up with all on his own.

As parents I think we get so frustrated with our children when they can’t accurately explain or say what they are feeling. As parents we need to remain calm and try to settle down our children without screaming at them. Have your child show you what they need or want, then you can help them learn the correct name for that item. Or you can go along with the word they came up with since you understand now. If you yell and become hostile, you are only aggravating the situation and making it worse. I want to focus on positive parenting and doing things a little bit differently. I think my kids are responding well to a new way of parenting. It’s not easy being a parent, but I wouldn’t change it at all.

I love my boys !!!


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